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When you send off your CV that is all there is between you and a job interview. A CV can't put across your sparkling personality, your dynamism, and all the benefits you have to offer ....Or can it?

Fortunately we have the experience and expertise to help your CV stand out.

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CV Help

Unless you are a professional CV consultant, most people could undoubtedly benefit from some help when drafting their CV. There are almost always mistakes which you miss, and almost always a better way of presenting and saying things. Most people are astonished when they realise just how much their CV can be improved with some professional help.



CV Help and Advice

Most CVs which employers receive are rather mundane. Often the ones which stand out are the ones which have been revised and improved by a professional CV consultant. Each time you send your CV off you are competing with numerous other applicants, some of whom may have had some expert advice which will set their CV apart and give them the edge.

There are numerous resources available to people looking for CV help, either on a do it yourself basis, or if you want the best results, on a professional basis. If you are struggling on any aspect of your CV from the design, layout and presentation, through to the all-important content and optimising it for your career, then you are better off getting some help.


Check out some of the help and advice pages in this section. There is a lot more to CV writing than meets the eye, and you may be surprised by some of the things you learn.

Be honest with yourself. If you think your CV isn't as strong as it could be, then seek help.

If you want to do it yourself then one potentially good starting point is CV examples (but only top quality CV examples - many poorer quality ones are actually counter-prodictive)

If you want the best results then you are better off with professional help. Just as in other professions, people who work day in day out in a particular profession ( in this case writing CVs) have the know-how, techniques and experience. They know what they are doing,they know what employers look for, and significantly they can almost certainly do a better job at it, and get better results, than most laymen.

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