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Listed below is just a small selection of some of the many glowing testimonials that our senior consultants have received from our many satisfied customers.

We offer the strongest guarantee you will find anywhere in the CV writing sector and actually guarantee complete client satisfaction, and so have every confidence that you too will be absolutely delighted with the top quality CV we write for you.

We never have or never will make exaggerated claims about our service. We do not need to because we are confident that the quality of our product speaks for itself. All the testimonials listed on this page are 100% genuine from real, highly satisfied clients.


Just some of the many glowing comments we regularly receive from our highly satisfied clients

You have done an excellent job with my C.V. and I personally would like to thank you for the priority you have given me. It is amazing how you were able to put me in such a spotlight. I really related to your descriptions.
Thanks again and as for what I think of your services:
Totally efficient
Invaluable: worth your weight in gold
M. Nadeau, London
I am truly amazed at the vast CV improvements that you have made. It is wonderful! I would hire myself! I am very, very pleased you have done a remarkable job with it.I wasn't aware of some of my skills until you highlighted them! As a C.V. writer you are in my estimation "the bees knees" I am so glad that I employed you to do this for me, the cost is worth every penny.
Anthony Emsley, Leeds
Thank you once again for your immediate response; your client support is infallible.I have received another "professional" C.V. from another company so I could compare it with yours, there is absolutely no comparison in layout or content, on reflection I am so pleased that I engaged you first, so once again very well done. (Follow up to original comments above)
Anthony Emsley, Leeds
Thank-you very much for my CV. After reading it even I would employ myself! I had previously taken my CV to career exhibitions and other places and nothing can compare to what you have done with it. I also took it into work today and everyone thought that you did an excellent job. Thank you very much! Olubukola Olaniyi , Essex
I thought that I would just let you know that after sending my CV to just one agency,I got an interview a day after & I also got the job. I think a lot of my colleagues will be using your services !!.Once again many thanks
Olubukola Olaniyi, Essex (follow up from above comment)
I would like to say that I am extremely excited about how my CV has been drastically improved. I am particularly impressed with how it has been composed and structured, this is absolutely superb. Thanks once again and I will surely be recommending you to my colleagues and friends.
Stella Koleoho-Jimoh, London
Good things in life take time, care and effort. Your products are excellent masterpieces. Well worth the wait and the value. I could have used my own efforts to update my CV. Instead, I decided to seek professional help to provide me with a better tool that creates an immediate impression when job hunting, and will help me find a job which will take me to the next level in my future career prospects. CV Consultants showed me how to take that first important step.
Jos Fernandes, Farnborough
After you doing an excellent job in re-writing his CV, within weeks my husband landed a new job as Project Manager.
Mrs C Buhler, London
The CV and letter look very good (no they actually look perfect). What has really impressed me has been the speed from the original contact to an excellent looking CV.
Thank you very much for your efforts.
Ian Ward, Coventry
The good news is that I am now talking to two contacts and that is due to your revised CV, my old one did nothing!
Best wishes
Ian Ward, Coventry (follow up to above testimonial)
I am so impressed with your service
I also really appreciate the fast turnaround and will be recommending you!!
Dr. A Araba, Essex
Remarkable! I've received 3 calls and 5 emails since sending off my CV last night, very impressive and its only morning yet, never had such a fast response! The CV is very eye catching and well targeted for my field. Thanks also to the consultant Paul who provided in-depth consultation until my satisfaction
Hamood Akram, Middlesex
I wanted to say many thanks for your fantastic piece of work on my CV, and the accompanying notes which are also most helpful. You have somehow worked magic without distorting me or the facts in any way. This was exactly what I needed, and I am most grateful.
Paul Richards , London
Wow is that me! Thanks for all your help
M Rimmer, Wales
Thank you for the fantastic CV and cover letter you sent me. It`s everything I wanted to say about myself but couldn`t find the words. It`s a great service you provide, more people should use it.
Sandra McMahon, Argyll, Scotland
Dear Kathie , Thank you very much you are absolutely outstanding. I've been very worried because it cost me a lot of money but I must tell you my CV looks really good . Now I've got more confidence to sent my CV to different companies.
Theola Nortje, South Africa
Many, many thanks for your work. The money was well spent; CV and cover letter of excellent quality - not just editing the original CV. I will be telling all my friends back home in England about your excellent service. I realise now that it is a wise investment.
Raymond Noronha , Adelaide , Australia
Many thanks for my CV. The service was prompt and the result exceeds my expectations. You were professional and have shown experience in your work. You were attentive to my requirements and needs. The service solved a problem for me and helped me apply for a job with more confidence. Job well done! Thanks, and I surely consider your other services before having an interview.
Alon Weinstein , Singapore
Thanks very much for your work on my CV. The CV is much more impressive than my effort!
I feel a lot more confident that I am sending a strong and professional CV to recruiters and the types of firms that I would be interested in working for. I would definitely recommended CV Consultants for their prompt, efficient and professional services. I am sure that the investment in their services will be money very well spent!
John Ashington, Manchester
First of all I'd like to say thank you for this great service. The feedback was really great, not only corrections were done to my CV but also explanations what to do or not! That's a service I dreamt of!
Thomas Schaerte, Germany
Thank you so much for your help. My CV is brilliant! Thanks also for the extra help and creative suggestions for the cover letter. I will go with your idea. You have been immense and a great source of wisdom.
Michael Stweart, Reading
Many thanks for the revised documents, what a terrific improvement!
Mrs S Lea, Surrey
Thank you for my CV. I am very pleased with you. I had previously had my CV written by a different company and theirs is rubbish in comparison to yours. I'm so glad I found you. I will certainly come back to you in future should I need further revisions.
Mark Overy, Essex
Thank you so much for my CV. I am absolutely delighted with the job you have carried out and it is an amazing difference. Thank you again,
Norman Neill, Carrick Fergus , Northern Ireland
I've just had a pleasing job offer with a good company. Thank you for your valuable contribution to both CV and interview preparation.
Clive Trollip, South Africa
Thanks very much for my CV and your prompt response - I will recommend your service to my friends / colleagues.
Sabrine Walters, Birmingham
Sincere thanks and appreciation for excellent service and the effort and time you have put into my CV and Cover Letter. The speed and professionalism of your service made this consultation very worthwhile, my CV looks a lot more informative and professional. I am so glad I selected you as my Consultant and many thanks for your in-depth consultation process. I can highly recommend CV Consultants for their CV and Cover Letter Services
Konstantina Efthymiou, Athens
Thank you for my husband's excellent CV. Could you please improve mine too?
Julie Queen, Paisley
My CV is perfect. You make me sound really good. Thank you very much!
Julie Queen, Paisley (Follow up to above)
Wow! My C.V. looks better and better each time I read it!
Thong Wei Thong, Hong Kong
Thanks for the excellent cover letter! I really didn't know that I'd made so many C.V & cover letter mistakes in the past and I kept on sending them out without knowing it. I think without you I would still continue on making the same mistakes. No wonder I have had no luck until now!
Thong Wei Thong, Hong Kong (follow up to above)
Thank you very much the CV is superb
N. Hussain, Birmingham
This was my best decision in months, the speedy service and great CV I had written for me by Paul has made me feel more confident in finding the best job for myself. Thanks Paul and all at CV consultants
Simon Mcleod, Aberdeen
Thanks very much for my CV, I'm very impressed! I will certainly recommend you to all my friends.
Gail Palmer , Brighton
Thank you very much for your help. This looks great! The quality of the CV speaks for the time and attention that was put into it.
Eileen M Bourdereau, USA
Many thanks for my CV. I have to say it is very professional with some marked improvements
S. Stevic, London
The CV looks great! I think you've done a really good job and turning my waffle into something far more marketable, which should ultimately allow me to position myself far more effectively! Reading through it: I'd employ me!
Tamsyn Kontopoulos, London
In terms of speed and quality your service can be rated highly.
Mike Page, London
Thank you so much for my CV - I was impressed with myself!
I am very pleased with it. Many, many thanks, I know it can't have been an easy one to sort out!
Deborah Taylor, Derbyshire
Dear Kathie, I like my CV very much. It reflects me and my work experience as well as skills very well. I feel now able to tailor this CV to different jobs I might apply for, and feel that my CV will give me a better chance with the competition. Many thanks for your patience, I would definitely recommend your services to anyone looking for this type of service. Thanks again for all your help.
Gertie Bidne, Heraklion, Crete
Thank you so very much for my CV. You did a great job
Mrs S Hawkins, South Wales
Thanks ever so much for your help in creating my CV and cover letter. Your service has been efficient and prompt. I couldn't have expected a faster and better service. If in future I need some more advice I know who to contact.
Humanaz Shirazi, Birmingham
Thank you very much for your work. This is a significant improvement on what was there before
Mr D Roberts, Edinburgh
Thank you for your excellent work. You have brought my cv up-to-date with thoughtful and eye-catching sentences.
T Miller, Beds.
My CV looks really good. I agree with what you said. Thank you so much in helping me with this. You have done a really good job with the CV.
M. Patel, Middlesex
Many thanks the CV looks great!
Mr M. Wilson, Dorset
Dear Kathie, thank you for my CV. I must admit I hardly recognise myself any more!
I am very happy with what you have done
Mark Hoare, Somerset
Thanks for helping me with my CV - it looks really good!
Richard Stevenson, Falkirk
Thank you very much for the assistance you provide me in building a very powerful CV that I am extremely proud of. I am excited that this will help in pursuit of the dream job that does not come along everyday. I am extremely happy with the results. Thanks a million.
PS: I have just referred 2 friends to your site. Keep up the GREAT work.
Lester Bischoff
Thank you so very much for making some much needed changes and providing feedback about my CV . I find it very helpful. Thanks also for doing it so fast! You did a fantastic job and it is much appreciated!
Mrs. S Mazzoni
Thank you so much for the CV. I am totally impressed! I know that it will get me more interviews this year.
Mrs T Hunkele
Paul I want to say thank you, this is perfect, I appreciate all of the help, and hard work and dedication you have provided in regards to my CV, future and career. I am sure that your hard work will help me further my career.
Thank you, again
Charity Lehman
Thank you so much. I think it looks great and timing is perfect
Camille Aspite
Thank you very much for the "wonderful revision" to my CV and the cover letter is great! I agree with your suggestions, and the format of information is much easier to read!
L. Razzari
Thank you so much! The CV looks great. I was especially impressed how you improved my personal profile with reference to my work experience. Very creative! Thanks so much for all your patience and quick follow-up
Caryl Johnston
Thank you very much. I am extremely pleased with my CV. You did an excellent job.
Mrs J Edwards
I've just secured a new management job no doubt greatly helped by your CV, many thanks.
Peter Harper, Dusseldorf, Germany
Thank you very much for the brilliant work. I am so glad I decided to work with you on this. You have opened a new door and made me more aware about my own potential. The way you turned it around makes me appear so much more accessible, confident and articulate.
Guliz Cep, London
Thank you for the work you did on my CV. I got the first job I went for! Absolutely amazing, and I am 100% certain it was largely to do with the way you did my CV, no doubt at all there. The job sounds perfect.
Xenia Koppen

You have shown me an approach to CV writing that I had not been able to master. You have achieved something that surpassed my high expectations and have certainly delivered value for money.
Christopher Bolton, Kent

Brilliant job!
Metin Cimen

I am amazed how professionally my CV and Cover letter look and match my personal qualities with such a limited amount of information I provided. No doubt I will recommend your services to my fellow students
SC, Hull

Thank you very much for your help, you and your organisation have helped me in more ways then one.
Stanislav Abe Ali, Tooting

Thank you very much for you time and effort you have done a wonderful job!
Amar Kanabar, Leicester

The CV is a lot more comprehensive than I could have ever made it and I have every belief that it will help me land an entry level marketing role.
Chaz Gahley, Berkshire

I would like to thank you and Paul very much for re-writing my CV, I couldn't have written this myself and I am sure that it will prove to be of great benefit when applying for jobs.
A. Boyes

I'm very happy with the results and some of the turns of phrase used brought a smile to my face.
William Bender, London

The CV content is great and, I think, hits the spot.
Martin James Whitworth, Banbury

I think the CV is now much better and you have done a really good job.
Salvatore Loreto, Helsinki

You certainly have expertise!
Mary Mallon, Belfast

It is fantastic thank you so much I really appreciate it!!!!! It is exactly what I was going for!
Nadia Qadri

Thank you very much for doing a wonderful job with my CV.  I think it’s great.
Dylan Cadifor’darch, Cardiff

Looks really good!
Candice Gibbs, Ireland

Extremely professional and well written
Andrew McNair, Linclonshire

I find CV and Cover Letters great! A+++++++++++++ .Thank you so much for your work! wow, that is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C
Yevgen Marivon, Germany

I'm very happy with the quality of the CVs, as well as the service.
Christian O. Fjäder, Finland

Thank you very much for your services. I cannot fault a thing!
John H W Thurston, Norfolk

Thank you for the CV, letter and notes. I am very happy with what you have done and look forward to sending this version out
Claire Dallimore, Bucks

I think my CV is great and I will use it to get a great job! Thank you once again for all your hard work I really do appreciate it.
Gerhardus Frederick Van Der Watt, South Africa

It looks great!
Karl de bruijn, London

It looks really great. Thanks very much.
Ian Herbert

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your services regarding my CV. The document you produced was really outstanding and i am positive that it will help me to achieve my professional goals. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Faisal Iqbal, Lahore

Thank you for the CV it is fabulous
Tracey Brogan, South Yorkshire

I would just like to say a huge thank you for making such an excellent job of my C.V.
To see my achievements listed so professionally has given me the added confidence to approach prospective employers with an increased enthusiasm
Tom Connolly, Lancashire

Extremely professional and worth the wait!
David Mynett, Cornwall

Very many thanks for the highly professional CV and for your unmatched customer service experience - nothing was too much trouble, & the whole experience will certainly make me recommend you to others.
William Alexander, United Kingdom

Wow! I do understand that this is not an easy thing to do – but the results mean it was well worth the wait!
Garry Stratton

Great results – very diligent work
Great price – very reasonable
Excellent communication
Will highly recommend
Excellent variety of services
It all looks great, and thank you very much.
David Bruce McMillan, Essex

I am very pleased with the excellent and professional work you have done with my CV
Andres-Giovany, Morden

Overall, I am very happy with what you have done to my CV and I believe this has been a worthwhile investment!
I am very pleased with the excellent and professional work you have done with my CV and I believe this has been a worthwhile investment!
Philip James Paterson, Cheshire

Thank you so much
Mali Sabet, Essex

Thank you very much for your excellent work. I have already had an interview :-), so it was worth waiting for my CV to be re-written so well.
Many thanks again and I would definitely recommend CV Consultants to my friends.
Kateryna, London

It looks great
Nick Johnson, Bentley

I would like to thank you so much for the outstanding job you did on my cv. The transformation is unbelievable and I am very happy indeed.
It reads fanatically, flows beautifully and really highlights all my key skills and achievements. It exceeds far beyond my expectations.
I feel supremely confident, thanks to your hard work and high standards of professionalism.
Thank you once again. If I need any help in the future with letters and CVs I will know where to come.
Chris H

Thank you very much for the work done. The CV and Cover Letter look wonderful
Hadiza Abdulmalik, Aberdeen

Thanks for the work you put in on the CV, I've had plenty of response.
Adrian Murphy

I'm delighted with the new CV which is a far clearer representation of my skills and achievements than I've had in the past. Seeing this on paper has given me some real confidence in taking the application forward. Your attention to detail and clear thinking in putting this together has really comes across. I'm genuinely delighted with the outcome and would be happy to recommend you services to others.
Piersajones, Surrey

Wow! I do understand that this is not an easy thing to do – but the results mean it was well worth the wait!
Garry Stratton

I was very pleased with it and it got me results - interviews with recruitment agencies and employers.
Amir Gross

It was worth the wait, fantastic work, thank you very much.
I will pass recommendations on to my friends , many thanks once again.
Stephen Frank Leaney

It says everything I want in a very high standard. Thanks again!

I love, love, love my new CV!

I'm very impressed and much more hopeful of my prospects now :-) Thanks for all the hard work.

I tested your new CV out yesterday...and have already got a job interview for Monday! They said my CV stood out as the best from the candidates.
I am highly impressed and I wish I had come to you years ago!
M Tucker, Staffordshire

The CV looks amazing and the amount of work that has gone into them is truly breathtaking. I am impressed.
Alfredo Caponnetto, Edinburgh

The wording is perfect
MU, London

I am highly delighted with the result. I would employ myself on the strength of this CV!
Tony Mullins, Yorkshire

I'm amazed - this is perfect!
Denis Pitkevich, Russia

It's brilliant!
I'll be sure to recommend you to friends!
Emma Cartwright, West Sussex

It is night & day compared to what I had before, and money well spent
Stephen Watson, Indonesia

Totally different to my old and very much 'bog standard' CV - it looks great!
Roman Pistun, London

This is exactly what I was looking for and I couldn't be more impressed!
Emma Hookham, New Graduate

There is no doubt that a huge amount of thought went into the CV. I am so glad I chose your company. It was worth every penny
N Lewis

I got the job! I'm very glad I used CV Consultants. It was worth the money. You did a fantastic job!
Laura Round, Lancashire

Nathan has just accepted an exciting job. Not only did they comment on how good his CV was, but they also offered him a job at a higher level than expected. He is thrilled!
Debbie Lewis, Oxfordshire

This is exactly what I wanted!
John Stanfield, Sussex

I am thrilled with my CV!
DR, Photographer, Cambridgeshire

Thank you for a fantastic job! I will be recommending CV Consultants to friends and family
David Jones, North Yorkshire

Wow what a difference!
This has made me feel so much more positive about getting the right job
Christine Lynch, Surrey

Thank you for the excellent service!
I ll no hesitation in using you again.
Pat Walsh, Staffordshire

I had tried another CV company before you but was left incredibly disappointed and ended up with a refund. With you my CV has been powerfully transformed - It's a pleasure working with you!
Andrew Stoddart, Norfolk

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