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We offer personal statement writing services, helping people where a personal statement is required as part of the job application process.

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As each personal statement is different we cannot give you a quotation until you provide details of the statement in question.

"This statement could not have been better written. I cannot thank you enough!" - Gulizar Cep

"I haven't used this service before but would use it again and recommend it to colleagues. Many thanks!" - Audrey Cumberford, Scotland


More Information on Personal Statements

Personal statement requests tend to come in all shapes and sizes, as different employers and different sectors have varied requirements.

For example, some personal statements are very open-ended and require creativity in the response, whereas others require you to strictly follow certain criteria or a designated formula. And if you stray from this then it could count against you. Sometimes the criteria is very demanding. For example, sometimes you are only allowed a very limited number of words per statement question, or even a very small number of characters per statement question. While sometimes this is just to help the employer avoid ploughing through masses of text, criteria such as this is also designed to test your communication skills. And especially if communication skills are important in the job you are applying for.

As the term 'personal statement' suggests, a personal statement should also be about you, and it is quite an individual thing. At the same time, you also need to bear in mind the employer and write with the employer and their requirements in mind. The best personal statements don't just write about you personally, but they also are optimised to the job in question too.

There is a lot more to personal statements than meets the eye, and they are a lot harder to get right than most people realise. On the bright side, if you do get yours right then this can give you a distinct advantage over your competitors.


Help with your personal statement

Our consultants have a great deal of expertise writing a wide variety of personal statements, and can help you. We offer a top quality personalised writing service.

If you contact us with your requirements in the first instance, we will be happy to assess them and give you a quotation.

Please note, we do turn some personal statement jobs down. For example, if you are applying for a writing or journalist job then really it would be unfair for our consultants to get you the job on the back of their writing skills. However, in most cases we are happy to help you and have helped a great many professionals just like you in fields as diverse as education, health, science, academia, civil service, charity/NGO and national / local government to name just some.

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