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Fact: Your cover letter is a key part of the job application process - The better your cover letter the better your chances of securing your dream job.


cover letter

examples and generic cover letters are ok but many employers have seen them all before and prefer originality. You need to stand out from the crowd not follow it. If you are really serious therefore about landing your dream job you can increase your job prospects immensely by taking advantage of our cover letter service. For example our highly experienced and qualified professionals can expertly personalise your cover letter and tailor it specifically to give you a real advantage in your job application.

Not only that, but when you order your cover letter at the same time as your professionally improved CV you automatically qualify for a 10 discount.


Ordering a cover letter only

  • Alternatively if you only want a cover letter, not improvements to your CV too, then please click here

  "Thank you very much for the "wonderful revision" to my CV and the cover letter is great!" - L. Razzari, USA

"I can highly recommend CV Consultants for their cover letter services." - Konstantina Efthymiou, Athens

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