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What is a CV writing service?

Essentially, a CV writing service is something which companies offer individuals, (or sometimes companies) to help improve their CV.

The better

quaity CV

companies tend to help people at all levels and across all sectors

"I got the first job I went for. Absolutely amazing!"
- Xenia Koppen, London

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More information on CV writing services

Just as in most sectors, if you want the best possible job, at the highest quality, then you are usually better off going to a professional CV writer to do this for you, rather than do it yourself.

This stands to reason, CV writing is actually a specialist skill, and to do it well takes not only excellent English, but also creative prowess and the ability to write powerfully yet concisely at the same time. In addition to this it also helps if you have an in-depth understanding of exactly the kind of thing employers in your sector are looking for. Again, this is something which is easier said than done. In addition to natural writing talent, you also need intelligence, and the ability to sell powerfully in writing. In addition to this the best CV writers also have lots of experience. And experience does count a great deal in this sector, and certainly more than most people realise.

When most people write their CVs, they usually end up just writing something fairly bog standard; summarising their career. However, if you want your applications to stand out then you really need to go way beyond this, and actually sell your skills to the maximum. Not only that, but they need to be the right skills, pitched at the right level, and expressed eloquently, professionally and succinctly.

A CV writing service, for the most part, helps you do just that. We say, ‘for the most part’, because just as in any sector, some CV writing services are far better than others.

You usually get what you pay for, and the best CV writers and CV writing services do not come cheap. However, if you choose the right company it can be an excellent investment.

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